A Tribute to Ian Begbie

It is with great sadness to have to announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Ian Begbie.

For years Ian battled with ill health and yet through it all he remained positive and up-beat despite facing two serious life-threatening conditions.He was our mentor and our inspiration as he continually showed us how not to let life's challenges get you down.

He was a superb Tai Chi and Qigong teacher and fully deserved his 6th Level Certificate Achievement Award.

On a more personal note, Ian helped me become the teacher I am today.providing me with so much knowledge that has enabled me to work as a Tai Chi Therapist.

Our hearts go out to Dee and his family who have lost a wonderful husband and father.

The future of China Bridge is bright because of Ian.In our hearts and minds he is already a legend and in his memory we wish to announce from next year onwards we will be selecting the student who has shown the most promise and dedication to receive the 'Ian Begbie Student of the Year Award'.

Sifu Peter


We are the children of the Dao,

Through us Her light shines.


When we rest She nourishes us,

And when we stray She calls us to return.


We carry Her message,a simple message,

That through the cycle of the Dao

We will find Enlightenment.


And what is Enlightenment?

It is to complete the circle-

To go and to Return.


Through us Her energy never dies-

It just transforms,

The Path starts with Her and returns to Her.


And when we are finally back in Her warm embrace-

She comforts us and prepares us for the next

Stage of our Journey along Her Middle Path.

Sifu Peter Newton