Peter's Monthly Evening Class

Peter's Monday evening class in the Methodist hall Rhos on Sea is once a month, usually the first Monday of the month and is 1 1/2 hours.December's class will be the 2nd Monday

7th November 6.30pm -8pm

12th December 6.30pm-8pm

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2016 Weekend Retreat

16th-18th Sept.-China Bridge Weekend Retreat, Angelsey

2016 China bridge Weekend Retreat ,Tre-Ysgawen hall, Llangefni, Angelsey

16th to 18th September

Our weekend retreat is fast approaching and we have an exciting range of training classes for you.


Training starts at 10am on Saturday with Sifu Peter 'Earth Monkey Qigong' followed by a meditation and relaxation session from Sifu Carolyn.

Jeff Cushing is leading the afternoon training with Lang Yi Qigong and Yi Jin Jing Qigong

Pete Evans is closing the day with his 'Point to point' talk.I have no idea of the content I only get a title but Pete's session is always informative, great fun and rigth up to date with new research and information.


Sunday again sees Sifu Peter leading the day with 'Seeking stillness in the Form and connecting to Nature' followed by Carolyn's session on 'Yin and Yang' the unity of opposites

After lunch we have Sifu Peter guiding us in the 'Qigong of Taiji Chuan' and Health and healing Analysis

Closing the day at 3pm

 Join us for the day

You are very welcome to come just for one day or the two days if you do not want to stay over.The hotel is approx. an hour from Colwyn bay.There is a lovely restaurant /cafe on site or bring your own refreshments if coming for the day.

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New Book Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Sifu Peter's new book 'Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi' and the accompanying DVD, illustrated by Jeff Cushing.The book and DVD can be purchased separately but are intended as a pair with each one complimenting the other

You can purchase the book and DVD here



"Peter writes with his heart and not just knowledge and experience. A good guide for improving health which will help readers understand the body from a Chinese arts viewpoint." -- Michael Tse, Qigong and Tai Chi Master "Peter has great knowledge of Tai Chi which helped me understand my body and how to use it effectively. This new book is a great source of information to help people improve and enhance their own body and mind." -- Tom Heaton, England Under 21 International Goalkeeper "Peter's new book places great emphasis on the importance of posture. Posture is fundamental in our life. It affects not only how we function, but also how we breathe and is embedded in our general sense of wellbeing. His theories can be incorporated into many aspects of physiotherapy." --Maria Lewis, BSC (HONS) CSP HPCP. Chartered Physiotherapist

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Training in Ireland with Grand Master Yang Jwing Ming

Training with Grand Master Yang in Ireland in October.

Sifu Peter and Carolyn and a small group of China Bridge students had the opportunity to train with Master Yang in Ireland at the end of last year.We found the trip very enjoyable and inspiring.We had an opportunity to practise some Chin Na and a very informative lecture on the health aspects of Taiji and Qigong from Master Yang.


master yang

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